15 Things Babies Don’t Seem To Understand (Because, Baby Privilege)

This is my favorite thing Thought Catalog has ever posted. Perfect response to the constant “I have it worse than you” posts.

Thought Catalog


1. Baby privilege is being able to smile in someone’s face whilst defecating in your underwear, without a hint of remorse for your actions.

2. Baby privilege is having the audacity to become enraged and cry about the fact that you messed yourself, and that no one has come help you out of the predicament YOU put yourself in.

3. Baby privilege is having your face nestled in the buxom cleavage of some young woman without being branded a sex pest by society.

4. Baby privilege is never having to prepare a meal for yourself.

5. Baby privilege is repaying your chefs hard work, by hugging them and promptly throwing up on their shoulder whilst smiling and urinating on their shirt.

6. Baby privilege is being able to run around naked in public without being tasered by a member of law enforcement.

7. Baby privilege is being pushed around…

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