Why I’m no longer cynical* on Valentine’s Day

  1. The obvious reason is because I’m in a relationship. I have a significant other who tells me that they love me, and is taking me out to dinner. Because of that, it’s pretty easy to smile when you see a huge line outside of See’s Candies and heart-shaped decorations at the vet’s office.
  2. Other people love me too, though. My mom gets me at least one card every year, no matter where I’m living. Even when I was studying abroad in London! I don’t see why the holiday has to be about just love between significant others, because seriously…
  3. Why can’t we just celebrate love in all its forms? I’m spending most of the day with my dog, who had surgery last month, and had the pins taken out of his formerly-fractured leg this morning. He’s in some pain and a little drugged up, so he needs my love more than ever. And what about your love for your friends? The incredible Leslie Knope created Galentine’s Day, which was technically yesterday, but hey, celebrate it today if you don’t have someone else! I know there will always be someone who loves me, even if I don’t have a partner. And it’s kind of cool that we have a day that encourages expressing that.
  4. On the flip side, it’s just a stupid holiday. If you have trouble finding the good, think of it this way: It’s one day** out of the year. It has no religious significance, and why is it so much better to have a S.O. on February 14th? Freshman year of college, my boyfriend took me to a pizza place. I liked the food, but the date was lame, and we didn’t have a good time. (Probably because our relationship was falling apart.) Senior year I was in London, and a bunch of my classmates made all kinds of food, we all sat around and ate it and drank wine, and then I watched 127 hours with a couple friends. It was the best V-Day I’ve ever had, followed by the years where I’ve just pretended the day didn’t exist at all, and spent time with my family.
  5. And finally, because I’ve decided to become more positive in general. I’ve been working on this for years, but we all need a reminder, especially those of you who are trapped indoors due to the weather. What better time of year than February – when the winter seems never ending, yet there’s hope for spring – to try and maintain a sunny outlook?
*All right, I’ll be honest: I’m still pretty cynical. But not AS cynical as I used to be.          **Too be fair, it’s more like a week or two, because that’s how long ahead of time the card companies/media start to shove it down our throats.

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