Define “organized”: A New Year’s post

I recently began a new job at an exciting company where I hope to move up in the ranks. I interviewed for a position I was just barely qualified for, but instead offered a different one: Assistant to the CEO. I struggled with my decision to leave my former, less stressful position, but ultimately took the leap, knowing the opportunities to learn and grow were far greater.

As anyone who has been an assistant knows, organization is an important part of the job. So back to my original question… Am I organized? I’m good with the digital side: I utilize my Gmail folders, Google Docs, and Bookmarks. My phone and computer(s) are synced with frequent updates through iCal, Notes, and Reminders. And I know my way around a spreadsheet. But today I was faced with my most daunting task yet: Cleaning out and reorganizing an office closet.

I panicked: The job had been pushed aside for one thing or another since my first day, but with everyone still out of the office, today was the best day to tackle it. I dived right in: Pulling out boxes, consolidating files and folders, and trashing extraneous papers and empty packaging. The throwing away was tough – On top of not knowing whether or not someone might want the manual to a chair that isn’t even in the office, I realized that at some point over the years, I had begun to adopt my mother’s packrat mentality.

So after doing what I felt was a pretty decent job, I drove home and did something I never would have expected: Reorganized and cleaned out my OWN closet. It’s needed to be done for probably a year now, or at least since my boyfriend moved in and took over what space I would allow him in our room. And while it felt good when I was finally finished, that wasn’t my revelation.

It began to dawn on me that this would ALWAYS be an area where I struggle. I’m not disorganized, per say, but I am a little scatterbrained: Today alone I left my phone in the car for two hours, and misplaced my parking garage keycard for 15 minutes in my car. My brain is always going a mile a minute, so I think pretty well on my feet, but it means that things often get pushed out before I’ve had the chance to fully process them. 

I have a number of resolutions this year, but this experience has given me one of the most important ones: I will work to find the organization methods that work best for me. I will keep making lists (digitally and with paper and pen), utilizing my calendars, and most importantly, focus on PHYSICAL organization. Because if I want to work towards a promotion, I have to prove that I can be on top of every aspect of my life. 


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