MY Felicity Drinking Game

So I’ve seen these before, but they’re never very comprehensive. I was too young to watch the show during its original airing on the WB, but I started watching it on Netflix a month ago and just recently picked back up with the third season. I’m nearing the end now, and I kept thinking of things that would make for a good drinking game. I think this is a damn good one. If you feel like playing, be prepared to be completely sloshed.

  1. Drink every time you’re confused about who lives in what apartment/dorm.
  2. Drink every time someone says “Can I talk to you for a second?” (or some variation of that… or just any time someone pulls someone else aside).
  3. Drink every time they use a pay phone. (Ahh pay phones, remember them?)
  4. Drink every time Richard calls women something other than “girls.” (ex: “mamas”, “fillies,” “chicas,” etc.)
  5. Drink every time Noel is at a computer (his or working on some else’s).
  6. Drink every time Ben struggles to get a few words out. (Just kidding, you’d be drunker than his lab partner Trevor at the Halloween party.)
  7. Drink every time someone gets served underage. (This gets fuzzy in the fourth season, so make a judgement call.)
  8. Drink every time Ben calls someone “a dick.”
  9. Drink every time Meghan says something condescending.
  10. Drink every time Javier mentions Samuel, but we don’t see him.
  11. Drink every time Felicity says “Well, the thing is…”
  12. Drink every time there’s a monologue.
  13. Drink every time someone comes to their RA (Felicity, Meghan, Noel) and asks them a question.
  14. Drink every time you feel second-hand embarrassment/awkwardness for the characters (make it a small sip though, please).
  15. Drink every time Felicity talks into a tape recorder.
  16. Drink every time Sean invents something.
  17. Drink every time something shitty happens to Julie. (“Julie? Who’s Julie”)
  18. Drink every time drugs are mentioned in reference to Molly. (Where did she go anyway?)
  19. Drink every time Ben says “I don’t want to talk about this” and leaves the room (or some combination of the two), two drinks if it’s in reference to his dad.
  20. Drink every time Meghan walks into the dorm and walks out without saying anything.
  21. Drink every time Meghan has some kind of colored hair extensions in.
  22. Drink every time Javier tells Felicity he loves her.
  23. Drink every time someone is drinking coffee.
  24. Drink every time Elena and Tracy talk about sex (to each other or someone else).
  25. Drink every time Julie plays the guitar/sings.
  26. Drink every time you see someone from another WB show in a guest role.
  27. Drink every time Felicity says, “Oh…okay.”
  28. Drink every time Felicity’s hair is mentioned.
  29. Drink every time Meghan talks about her box.
  30. Drink every time a couple breaks up. (Yes, even Meghan and Sean.)

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