(Jewish) New Year’s Resolutions

It was one of those weekends where nothing spectacular happens, yet somehow everything leads to a revelation. I guess the sweet new year was just on my mind. Though I didn’t get any apples and honey, and didn’t attend any services at temple, I’m feeling cleansed and ready to begin anew. So here goes nothing…

1. I will attend yoga twice a week. It’s always helped me to feel zen, and my new friend at work goes to a place right down the street. I’m hoping this doesn’t prove difficult with my commitment to writing about The X-Factor for ScreenPicks. Speaking of which…

2. I will keep up with my writing, and continue to make it the best that I can. I go through stages where I get lazy and don’t blog for a while (clearly), but the only way to really make this my career is to keep at it! More articles for ScreenPicks, more blogging, and hopefully some sort of contract freelance job that will help me to…

3. Get a car! This one is less a resolution as a goal, because where I currently stand financially, it’s just not feasible. But it WILL happen soon. And will probably help me to…

4. Make/maintain new friendships. I’m working on this with the aforementioned fellow intern, but pretty much I just hang out with the same people every weekend whilst drunk and don’t really get to know them. Which I’d like to change. I’m excited to have one of my oldest friends heading back to the area, as well as some more elementary school pals that I haven’t spoken to in years having just moved here. I know it will make me a happier person, and feel better about myself, as will…

5. Not having sex. Yup, you read that right. All right, time to get a bit personal: I don’t consider myself to be a slut by any means, but yes, I have sex with guys I’m not dating. Well, more like ONE guy right now. And I know it’s not good for me, and is doing nothing for my self-esteem to be hooking up with someone who barely acknowledges my existence, and whom I don’t really care to spend much time with outside the bedroom. As my friend Dan said, “You gotta get yours,” and that was exactly my mentality when this began. But it’s not making me happy, and so I’m finished (hehe). And finally…

6. I’ll continue to look for the good things in every situation, and read whatever I can to help me achieve this. Negativity Pessimism comes naturally to me, but with a little help from my incredibly positive mother, I’ve been learning to push this away in favor of a sunny outlook. So I need to keep that up.

I think that’s a fairly comprehensive list. I’d put eat healthier, learn to cook, and start brushing my hair on it, but I’m trying to be realistic here. No need to set myself up for failure.

Until next time.


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