Everything you need to know about me you can learn from my Twitter favorites.

This post is a very long time coming. You see, as much as I pride myself in being a social media extraordinaire, it takes me awhile to catch on to most trends. Some things make perfect sense, and you wonder why they weren’t invented sooner. Examples: the “like” button on Facebook, the ability to “share” posts from others or on various platforms, the ability to “tag” people in posts or photos. But other functions don’t have such obvious uses, and I’ve found the Twitter star icon to be one of them. The other day I was looking back through my favorites, and I realized that what you find there says so much about who I am. To break it down for you:

  • Bookmarks. I’d say a good 80-85% of what I favorite on Twitter are links that I plan to go back and read later, because at that moment I really just want to get through my feed and be done with it. Does anyone else ever feel like that? For some reason, I find it difficult to go to sleep at night if I haven’t refreshed my timeline just one more time. So what do I bookmark? Well, it’s really a mash-up of…
  • Job tips. I follow about four or five accounts that are meant for those who are in the market for a job: @GreatResume, @Info4Unemployed, @hiredMYway, etc. Since all that is on my mind right now is starting my career when I get to L.A., I star every tweet with a link to an article that may be helpful for me, and promise myself I’ll check them out later. How many do you think I’ve actually gone back and read? You guessed it – ZERO.
  • Healthy eating/workout advice: On my constant quest to “be a better me,” I mark things on Twitter that sounds like good ideas. From @EatThisNotThat: “Eat a boring diet. The novelty of new foods drives people to consume more! 20 Skinny Habits” followed by a link. I actually DO click on these occasionally, and then either un-favorite them if it’s something I already know or don’t care about, or keep them starred if I want to remember them for the future. How many of those tips I actually follow is another story.
  • Random pieces of celebrity gossip: As an aspiring entertainment writer, I care MUCH more about this sort of thing than I should. Often times they’re blind items I want to read, but then forget about. More frequently it’s a link to Oh No They Didn’t (my gossip blog of choice) with a list of the 20 shows that blah blah or the 5 TV moments where something something something. You know what I mean… it consumes my life.
  • Movie trailers/TV previews/Music clips/Books I should read/information on any of those: I’m an entertainment junkie, and cannot get my hands on enough. But rarely do I actually make the time to look all of these things up. I just stumble across them and hope I remember later to check them out, usually months after they’ve been released.
  • Though Catalog: Enough said. EVERYTHING they write about sounds interesting in the headline. How much do they pay the person who writes their titles?
  • Contests: Again, self explanatory. Most of the time I end up scrolling through my favorites, find one of these, and realize I never clicked on it and the deadline was two weeks ago. Laziness at its finest. I think that’s most of what I bookmark, but like I said it’s a very large percentage. Now onto…
  • Really nice/humorous things that my friends have said about me: There aren’t that many of these, but it’s nice to know that my friend from elementary school who I briefly caught up with via Twitter told me I would make it in L.A. due to my positive attitude.
  • Things celebs/anons have said that admire or agree with but haven’t actually done so I wouldn’t retweet them: You get what I mean by this, right? Sometimes it’s just so cool when someone totally reads my mind, but because it has no actual relevance to my life, I’m not going to retweet it.
  • Stuff that I pretend to care about: …Or, more accurately, think that I should make myself care about. That includes a lot of the above, like health and fitness.
  • Quotes I like/want to remember: Most of the time I just see a quote I like and smile, then move on. Maybe I retweet it, but usually only if it really resounds with me. Sometimes though, I’ll favorite it, so that if I don’t feel like retweeting it just then, perhaps it will fit my life at another moment and I can retweet it then. Or I just like it so much I want it to be right there along with all of the other important things forever.
  • Things I would never retweet due to fear of judgment: There are a surprisingly long list of these. Why am I even putting this out there? I guess just to point out that we don’t really check each others’ favorite. They’re really just for ourselves. And so I’ve arrived at the point of this blog: My Twitter favorites sum up who I am. Good night!

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