Time for a fresh start.

Saturday not only ended the week, but the month, and my undergraduate-partying-lifestyle. I know I’ve said things like this before, but I’ve always been weird in that I have trouble making legitimate changes in my life unless there’s something really pushing me to. I’ve spent a lot of time today talking with people about the different anxieties that we all have, and my biggest one is about becoming the person that I want to be. I want to do big things, but first I have to get my life on track. I know that it will take time, which isn’t something I’m very good at dealing with, but I’m determined. These are my long and short term aims/goals:

  • Healthy eating. I’m starting off with a pretty strict diet- very little of those carbs I love so much, mostly fruit, veggies and protein. I will gradually add things back after the cravings go down.
  • Exercise. I’m vowing to do some sort of exercise every day. This is more difficult than it sounds because I’d pretty much rather watch TV than do just about anything else, but I’m going to try and combine the two when I can.
  • Very little alcohol, and no smoking of any kind. Pretty self-explanatory, I’ve been kind of excessive with all of those things as of late.
  • Working myself off of my medication. I can’t stand relying on my meds to make me happy and functional. I’m going to talk to my doctor on Thursday and not let her do the thing she usually does where she talks me into staying on them.
  • Take care of myself. Just in general, handle things as an adult more. This is hard when living at home because I fall back into the same routine of just letting my mom do things for me. So I guess it’s good I’m only here for the rest of the month.
  • Begin to plan for my future. This involves saving money for a car/apartment, looking into taking classes, updating my resume and applying for jobs, and things of that nature.
  • Look forward positively. This is basically just what I need to tell myself, because I tend to dwell on the past and present about what I haven’t been doing, instead of moving forward and actually doing something about it.

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