A summary of London memories.

I figured this would have to be done sooner or later… I’m going to try and start at the beginning and make this all chronological but I’m sure I’ll get out of order at some point.

  • Attempting to lug my suitcase up the NINETY-SOME steps of Manson Place and ZThorn rescuing me for the first of many times.
  • Getting drunk with a few randoms the first night and Tim hitting on Allison hardcore and being the sloppiest which we NEVER let him forget.
  • Goth night and getting hit on by some dude who said I looked like Hayley Williams and read my palm and going back on the N97 for the first time and getting crazy lost and being a counselor for boys with relationship problems.
  • The Sports Cafe and pitchers of Long Islands.
  • Drinking at least a little literally every single day for the first like 2 weeks until I physically couldn’t take it anymore.
  • The first time we went to Koko and that awesome band played and everything was amazing and I danced with that kid who was studying abroad in Spain and started my losing streak of making out with only American boys.
  • The 90s dance party with DJ Zach.
  • Toya’s birthday with the flat.
  • The time we chugged wine before we went flaneuring for class and Zach, Cassie, Nancy and I purposefully lost everyone and got even drunker and then went to Stanhope and stole basically everything.
  • Watching people take Irish Carbombs and refusing to participate (one good choice that I made).
  • The time we did psychogeography and I ran down the steps of the river Thames and got some of it in a cup and carried it back up and felt on top of the world because it was the coolest thing ever. And wrote dirty things all over everything with sidewalk chalk. Including trees.
  • Flat 20’s costume party and getting yelled at by James.
  • Smoking out the window with my brother.
  • Getting kicked off the stoop by James with Cassie and SMR and drinking on a bench on a random residential street in our neighborhood and then going to see a play wasted and almost peeing ourselves, and then going to Zetland after and telling weird high school stories.
  • Essentially every time we went to Zetland.
  • Cider for a pound-50 at Imperial College bar on Wednesday nights, and dancing on the stage there and smoking at the picnic tables.
  • The first Shabba-dabba-da when we pregamed HARD but I was still like the most sober person and I went with Tom and a whole bunch of the guys on like 3 tube lines and the overground and finally got to Concrete (which looks exactly like it sounds) and got in free and bought Zach and I a RACK of six shots cause that was the least they would sell me and they tasted like margaritas and dancing with Tim’s fedora and ripping my tights so I looked bad ass and then completely blacking out and waking up at 4pm the next day to find out a was in the hospital all night and apparently punched Amanda until she told me NPH was there and said I wasn’t being awesome so I got up and then sprinted up the Manson Place steps.
  • Biking (and pub crawl) through Hyde Park and seeing a swan attack a dog, taking tourist-y pics by “Bikingham” Palace, killing myself biking up Oxford Street, eating chips with ketchup and mayo, and hitting my head on a taxi, all with Josh & JJ.
  • Standing on the cliffs at Beachy Head and loving the high I always get from doing something daring and posing for dramatic photos.
  • Going to Brighton the first time and running through the palace and eating a whole pizza and riding the amazing and scary rides with Amanda and Jess.
  • Going to Brighton again hungover with Cassie, Zach and Nancy and having absolutely no money so I took their pics and held their bags while they did the rides. And then wandering the streets and finally finding the food and drink festival and eating and drinking our way up and down the street and getting free lasagna from nice Italian guys and alcoholic ginger bear and buying a liter of cider and then going all klepto with Nancy at Primark.
  • Going to Stonehenge and FREEZING OUR ASSES OFF. And then sleeping on the warm bus and waking up in Bath and seeing the incredible Roman baths and wandering the streets FOREVER looking for food and finally Cass, SMR and I go to a pub and get scalding hot cider that burns my tongue for like 3 days and SMR buying us a bottle of wine and going back to the bus tipsy and writing “sleeping with my best friends’ roommateS” on those boards on the street for some students’ project.
  • Getting lost trying to get to numerous plays, especially “Midsummer” when we chose to follow Tom for the first time and ended up ditching him and not being able to find the overground.
  • Getting off at Paddington Station whilst flaneuring for the first time after class and walking past 15,000 hookah bars/Indian places before we found a pub and I got everyone to drink Bulmer’s and Hadar, Dan, Max and I had our first intense Jew discussion.
  • Valentine’s Day when I crashed Flat 19’s dessert party with my Toblerone and ate myself into a coma and drank a whole bottle of wine and watched 127 hours from the middle on and being happier than I’ve ever been with a guy on that stupidest of greeting card holidays.
  • Drunk-eating whole bags of Tangy Cheese Doritos and jars of Nutella with Cassie and taking Sudafed because we had the worst colds ever and debating music with Max and Zach.
  • Video-bombing all of Zach’s friends when we were supposed to be writing papers in the basement.

Oh man there HAVE to be more… I guess I’ll just come back and edit this post as I see fit. What a freaking semester.


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