“Holiday” news-flash:

Call it Valentine’s Day, Single’s Awareness Day, what have you. I was just in my room, working on a project and listening to my flatmate’s music playing, while eating some of the Toblerone bar I bought on the ferry back from Amsterdam. I had a flash of realization: I am a V-day cliche. I came out and complained to my roommates. Then, I decided something: I DON’T CARE. I was in a complicated, tumultuous relationship for more than four years (off and on) and I’m finally happy and out of it. Sure I miss love, but I love going to clubs and grinding with whoever the hell I want. I love being flirty with my guy friends and not having to worry if someone’s going to take a photo or say something. And to be completely frank, I like to (on occasion) have random sex with someone I never have to talk to again, if I don’t want to. I’m lusting after London right now, and it’s turning into love, so I don’t think I have room for another man in my life. Well, there is Amsterdam, but I’ll write that story in a day or two. So if you’re single, I hope you’re (safely) enjoying it as much as I am, and Happy 14 February, a day just like any other. 🙂


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