An actual detailed description of a night out in Londontown.

Tonight my travel writing class joined up with the other one and had a sweet night: First, just my class went to the Monument, this huge structure in London where (allegedly) pregnant girls who’s boyfriends wouldn’t marry them jumped to their deaths. Cool, I know. Then we saw the oldest thing in London (basically a slab of wood) that’s like 2000 years old, and walked across the London Bridge (not nearly as cool as the Tower Bridge). Then we walked for awhile and looked at random things, and then stopped off at a pub, where we proceeded to talk about me counting my coins and not having a sock drawer for like 20 minutes. Not sure why I’m such a popular topic of conversation. Then our teacher had to go meet up with the other class, so our class split up in search of nourishment. My group and I went to McD’s for some nugs, fries & Diet Coke (aka all I need in life). We met back up with the rest of our class and the other class at a tube stop and went to an area along the River Thames right near the Globe Theatre, and were given a bunch of things to do/explore in the area in groups. We got balloons, crayons, cups, and candy, too. My group and I just stayed where we were and wrote song lyrics and profanities all over the sidewalk/steps/trees. And I took the big steps all the way down to the river and got some Thames water in my cup, and then wrote about it on the pavement. Then everyone met back up and went to Founder’s Arms (another pub) and drank some more. All in all, an excellent way to spend a Tuesday evening. Although far too much quid was spent. All right, this is much too long for a post of mine. Primark and class tomorrow, then one day of internship, and then it’s off to Amsterdam for a 3-day weekend!


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