I’m starting to sound very British.

A bullet-list is all I have time for:

-I start my internship tomorrow, eek! Nervous & excited, of course. And then I have to go see a play for theatre class afterwards. Probably the last thing I’ll want to do after a real work day, but oh well.

-Our flat is cute and I adore it, but it does have a couple of issues, one being that almost every time we use the toaster, is blows a fuse. Fortunately we all know how to fix it now, but it’s quite a pain. Also, the temperature is practically impossible to regulate in here. And there is NO SPACE for anything. I’m very close to breaking down and buying drawers for under my bed.

-I’ve been re-watching Skins while Cassie watches it. I love the end of Series 2, and I’m absolutely making a gif of the scene where Cass is sitting her exam and she and Doug and the strict principal lady (I always forget her name) dance to “Funky Town”.

-I’m having so much trouble staying on top of things. AUGH. Essays and plays and readings and field trips and planning trips and money and all of that, driving me mad. Not to mention domestic duties.

-The end, sorry this was extremely pointless. Skins is much more interesting than blogging about my life right now. Good bye then, yeah?


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