Sleeping all day, staying up all ni-ight.

I can honestly say that the only things I miss about the states thus far are my family, pets, friends… and Netflix. I guess I miss Temple a little bit, but it barely registers as I’m walking the few blocks to class and passing the Natural History Museum on the way.

Okay, back to trying to recall my entire life for you: Friday night we took the tube just two stops to Miss Q’s, a hip club in nearby Earl’s Court. The dance floor is one of those with the squares that light up, which is enough to entertain me for hours. We were invited there by our Aussie/Ozzie (which should we say?) neighbors, and were told it was free if we get there before 10. Of course we took forever getting ready and had to rush at the end to make it just before the cut off. I only brought 10 pounds out, so I picked through my change (which is actually worthwhile here, since you’re given 1 and 2 pound coins instead of bills as change) to be able to afford a few ciders. It was a fun night as usual, ending with McDonald’s and us getting lost trying to make our way home (some things never change, even in the UK).

Saturday was a pretty boring day- we went to Sainsbury’s to get grocery’s as usual, and then just hung around the apartment. I contemplated going out with some others, but I’m glad I didn’t, because none of them had very successful times. Then today we went to Primark, this HUGE store that’s sort of like Forever 21. I just perused and decided not to buy anything, despite the urge because everything is so cheap. Some friends said they were proud, but I was mostly pleased with myself for knowing we were going in the wrong direction and then figuring out from there how to get back. I think I have a pretty decent internal sense of direction, which has been helping me a lot here.

Other than that, I have one class tomorrow, then I think I might try and go to a museum. I’m starting to get antsy now that we’re settling into a routine; I want to spend my time out doing things. For instance, right now everyone is on their computers watching Skins (I managed to convince quite a few people to start watching) or planning weekend trips. I want to go on weekend trips, too, but I hate sitting around and planning. I want to get out and go! Guess my sense of adventure is really kicking in.

…so that was the most boring post I’ve ever written. Sorry everyone, my London life isn’t that exciting just yet. There’s still time though.


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