First London post!


I’m sitting in my flat, watching the British answer for MauryJeremy Kyle.

I wish there was a way to summarize all of this, but it’s too overwhelming. It seems like every second I spend blogging or sleeping or watching TV or anything that I can do back home is a second wasted.

It’s incredible to be able to look out my window and once again remind myself where I am. This city is absolutely everything I hoped and more. I even had more fun at an “American Sports Club” than at a real one. Maybe it’s the company, maybe it’s the adrenaline, who knows? Everyone is feeding off of each other- no one is down for long because we just bring each other right back up.

My whole life, writing has been my answer to everything. Something good or bad or sad or just insane happens, I write about it. And I feel better, somehow. Maybe it’s just too early, but I’m not really sure writing can capture all that I’m feeling. Or maybe I’m just avoiding it.

Anyway- thus far I’ve:

-Painfully dragged my suitcase up 8 flights of stairs, then continued to climb them three times a day since.

-Gone to a heavy metal club in Camden where I got my fortune told by some guy who thought I looked like Hayley Williams and head-banged like a champ.

-Toured the royal boroughs of Kensigton, Chelsea, Westminster, etc.

-Got lost trying to take the bus home at 3AM … twice.

… And a lot more, I just can’t think of it all right now. But suffice it to say, I’m having an amazing time, and it’s only going to get better.

Someday I’ll write a legitimate blog post, I swear.


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