Celebrity spotting!

So today I was in NYC with my family and we went into the Plaza to look around (there are shops and stuff inside) and use the restroom. My mom, sisters, brother and his fiancee head to the BR and I wait with my dad for them. When they come back, my future sister-in-law whisper-yells to me “OMG we saw the guy from nip/tuck he’s RIGHT in there!” I made my sister come around with me for a better look, and there he was, just hanging outside the ladies room playing with his phone. I bent down to drink from the water fountain so it wouldn’t look like I was just spying on him, and he picks that moment to walk towards the fountains, so I bend down to the child’s size one, so as not to spray him with the water as I sip (I’m a sloppy person). We ran back to my family and all walked out of the Plaza, where we ran into some women who were also freaking out about seeing him. As we’re giggling and talking loudly, who should walk out of the door behind us than Dylan Walsh and his alleged girlfriend, right into our conversation about him! They walked away laughing, and we were all so embarrassed that we went in the other direction, even though it was out of our way to Rockefeller center. Welp, that’s my story of the day. He was definitely as cute in person as on television, they couldn’t have put much make-up on him.


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