Hi, I’m a waste of space.

So guess what I’ve done today? NOTHING. Woke up too early as usual, and couldn’t go back to sleep because my room is too hot. Decided not to go to class. Instead, chose to finish the first season of Veronica Mars. (Side note: I should not be allowed to use my brother’s Netflix account.) I did get dressed, put make-up on, etc… around 14:00. Now it’s almost dark out, I’ve written most of my nonfiction assignment, and as soon as I’m done I’m going to sit through a three hour class before going and hanging out at an old-man bar in the suburbs while my bff bartends there.

Conclusion: I’m not doing my part to contribute to society, and should be banished from Earth.

Conclusion 2: Oh, and I don’t get to see HP7P1 tonight. Super FML.

Conclusion 3: Actually, this is more of an observation: Why have I resorted back to being 15 years old complaining to my friends, “why doesn’t he like me?” BLEH.


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