Come at me, summer.

So I haven’t been on here in a long time. Why? Well, first there were finals, which led to packing up and moving home, and then I started my summer job at good ol’ Dorney Park. I stare at a computer screen for a lot of the day, so when I get home, I’m usually not in the mood to do more than check Facebook and play some Bubble Spinner. But today has been an exceptionally slow day at work, so I figured with pretty much only Internet-access to entertain me, I’d return to my old friend, Tumblr.

Hmm… so, what to write about? Well there’s my new job, I can talk about that a little. Basically, I sit in an office, answer phones, take down orders, enter them into the computer, copy them, take them to accouting, and file them. Amidst that, I answer ridiculous questions, such as “How do I prove my child is under 3? Do I need to bring a birth certificate with me to the park?” People also frequently ask me about the weather, and I really want to be like “Um, hi? Are you at home? Okay, now go to your computer, and go to WEATHER.COM. Are you there? Okay, now type in ALLENTOWN, PA. See it? Okay, that’s the weather here. Don’t call me asking a question you can easily figure out for yourself. I am NOT your personal weathergirl.” The parts of my job I enjoy are flirting with my one adorable co-worker, hanging out and getting lunch at Wegmans with my bff, Lora (who also happens to be my supervisor, and got me the job), and just generally making fun of everyone who calls. Taking orders and stuff isn’t too bad either. I just get so sick of the idiotic questions. But whatever… it’s a job, it’s money.

Other than that, my dad had a heart attack last weekend. He’s doing fine though, just taking it easier than before. I’m happy he’s home all the time now… his car hasn’t left the garage in a week, and he can’t do surgeries until next week, I think. He’ll start seeing patients again tomorrow though, which is good, because he definitely misses it. And my brother came to spend some time with us right after it happened, which was awesome. He’ll be back next month, too, for my cousin’s wedding, and then SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE! Aka, the best place on Earth. Vacation is going to be MUCH needed.

All right, I’m done, no one wants to read about my boring life. Peace out, girl scout.


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