Guy-speak through the years.

“I think you’re really cool.” = “I’m not interested, but I want to leave the door open for another possible hook-up in the future.”

“She kissed me before I could stop her.” = “I could tell she wanted me, and who would turn down a sure thing?”

“I like you in sweats.” = “I like when you wear something that’s easy to fuck you in.”

“I don’t think you’re a bitch.” = “I think you’re a bitch.”

“I can’t pick a best time that we’ve done it.” = “I don’t remember anything except what I ate for breakfast and my W.O.W. login info.”

“I don’t know.” = Sometimes, just what it says, but often, “I don’t want to respond to that in fear of angering you.”

I had a whole bunch when I started this, but I don’t remember any more. I’ll probably make a part two when I think of them. Hope I at least mildly entertained you.


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