Gettin’ DIY up in hurr.

So instead of working on my text-only layout for Design class tomorrow, I watched a bunch of videos on T-shirt cutting and made this. I took this baggie tee I got for free for National Coming Out Week, and now I’m going to wear it for the peaceful protest next month, we’re protesting against a protest actually- if you haven’t heard of them, the Westboro Baptist Church travels around the country protesting anything that relates to homosexuality. They try to sound like “Christians,” but true religious people DO NOT encourage hate like that. So, they’re coming to Temple on April 1st to protest our Theater department’s production of RENT (which I CAN’T WAIT to see) and the Queer Student Union’s presentation of “The Laramie Project”, which is about a boy from Wyoming who was brutally murdered due to his sexuality. I’m so excited to wear my shirt!


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