An explanation, I suppose

So I’m a journalism student. You probably got that from the title. I used to write a lot…poems, short stories, etc. But throughout high school the added class writing took away from personal writing time, so I sort of fell out of the habit. Now I’m in college, and I’m afraid my writing has gotten bland. I started this blog because I figured it would be a place to just write to vent, and work on my skills without an agenda. I have a feeling I won’t really keep up with it on a regular basis, but at least I’ll have a place to vent.

Well let’s see…right now I’m at my parent’s house. I’m done with classes for the semester, and I’m going back to take my 4 finals on Monday and Tuesday, and then I’m done until January 21st, I think. I’m moving into a new place with my best friend for the semester. I have a fairly difficult schedule, but I’m excited for it. I’m thinking of it as a new start; I have a tendency to mess things up the first time around. I go into things head-first, thinking only good thoughts, but then everything just falls apart, and I have to pick up the pieces and start over.

Thanks to myself, I’m now feeling miserable. I think it’s because it gets dark so early in the winter – I like sunshine.

Good-bye for now.


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